Indefinite Leave To Remain / Settlement

Indefinite Leave To Remain / Settlement

Indefinite leave to remain or Settlement (and sometimes also known as “permanent residence” under the EU law), is leave to live in the UK on a permanent basis. It entitles the migrant to work or study without restriction and entitles them to receive public funds which they qualify to receive.

In some cases, there is an English language requirement and a Life in the UK test requirement for ILR applicants.

Settlement status can be acquired in different ways. For instance, a migrant who hold family or working visas may be able to apply for settlement after five years of holding their visa. In some cases, it takes longer to acquire settlement, for example where the migrant has held any combination of immigration leave for a continuous period of ten years they may be eligible to apply under the 10 years’ lawful residence in the UK route. Family members of a settled person in the UK can have Indefinite leave to enter, for instance, Adult dependent relatives, it is possible to acquire settlement visa immediately when they arrive in the ILR.

Our Immigration and Asylum Practitioner can assist in carrying out detailed assessment of your circumstances and advice you on how to make a successful application for Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK / Settlement.

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